PalmID is a smartphone unlocking technology with the palm of your hand

PalmID is a smartphone unlocking technology with the palm of your hand

Redrock Biometrics has developed a new technology that allows you to safely unlock a smartphone, but also any device with a camera, simply using the palm of your own hands.

PalmID this is the name of the technology, therefore does not require any dedicated hardware component, but is based on existing ones.

This does not require a fingerprint reader, an iris scanner, or a three-dimensional face recognition system, but only a camera. According to Lenny Kontsevich, chairman of the company, we can think of the palm of our hand as a gigantic fingerprint, with a complex structure that can be captured without having to touch any sensor.

PalmID requires a common RGB or infrared camera, with a resolution of just 0.3 megapixels, to recognize in just a tenth of a second. The digital signature obtained from the image would be impossible to falsify according to Redrock Biometrics .

Dirty hands, scars or poor lighting should not compromise the reliability of PalmID which works at a distance of over 15 inches, whether online or offline. In addition to unlocking a smartphone or computer, technology can be used to authorize bank transactions, electronic payments, and many other activities that require a high level of security.

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